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02/12/15: Jack and Gabriel Discuss Death

Remember Morphic? That fanfic I finished in 2010 and then wrote a bunch of ridiculous extras for? I wrote a new extra for my friend elyvorg's birthday on February 6th, "Jack and Gabriel Discuss Death". It's a bit more serious than the other extras.

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02/04/15: More Favorite Pokémon Picker Fiddling

After looking through my referral logs and reading some of the discussions where the Favorite Pokémon Picker had been linked, I made a couple more edits to it addressing some recurring issues:

  • The short explanation text is now a bit clearer about the fact that the Pokémon you pick are not supposed to immediately appear under your "Found Favorites".
  • It also now explicitly notes that if you just keep on pressing "Pass", you won't actually get anywhere.
  • After one too many people claiming one of their favorite Pokémon just never appeared or didn't appear until way late, I added a feature allowing you to check exactly what happened to any Pokémon you specify. (Odds are you accidentally missed it and selected something else from the batch it was in, but on the off-chance you actually found some kind of bug, it'll detect that too.)
  • Because people were trying to share their favorites lists a lot and the only way they could do so was by taking screenshots and cropping them manually which is pretty inconvenient, I added a shareable favorites list link that will appear once you have some favorites. For the moment, if you want to share it as an image you'll still have to screenshot it yourself; I may later make a feature that automatically generates your favorites list as an image, too, but right now this will have to do.

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